About us

We are a team of researchers and scientists from Taipei, Taiwan and have been devoted to the development of oral care products that can achieve efficacy without burden on the body. With the increase of income, people pay more attention to health care, and begin to consume some quick and effective maintenance products for themselves and their families. However, it is often overlooked that there are more or less components of these quick-acting maintenance products which also cause a burden on the body at the same time.

"Could we find some natural ingredients to achieve the same effect?" The founder of Toothfilm Inc., as a father, began to search for answers in nature based on the idea of giving the gentlest care to his family and children. He suddenly found that many natural and effective ingredients were around us. Such as mint, besides its strong fragrance and fresh smell, has the effect of inhibiting bacteria. Tannins in persimmons have long been utilized in Japan as deodorizing ingredients, which can effectively and quickly eliminate bad breath.

Toothfilm's mission is to bring these natural and effective elements to family and friends. We insist on absolutely not adding alcohol, fungicides, preservatives and fluorides in our solutions to replace the old products that would burden the body in the past. Do our best to protect our dearest family and friends.

Our honor

- Top 10 Innovative Biotechnology Products in Asia/ Asian Scientist Magazine / 2015
- Golden Prize for Innovation / Ministry of Economy, Taiwan / 2016

Our promises


We insist on using natural ingredients to protect users' health without causing side effects. Before launching, all products must pass the security check from international laboratory, without adding any harmful substances, including preservatives, fluoride chloride, detergents, alcohol, etc.


Develop products in a rigorous manner in collaboration with professional institutions and validate them through impartial third-party professional laboratory certification.

User's favorite

Only when users like Toothfilm products, can our products bring maximum benefits to users. We have heavily invested our R&D resources in the usage scenarios and tastes, so that users can't help love it from the moment they start to use it.