Who we are

We are a team of researchers and scientists from Taipei, Taiwan and have always wondered why an edible and convenient solution to oral care did not exist. Dentists always recommend brushing three times a day, but in the modern day, such a routine is difficult to keep up, not to mention troublesome, leaving dental care largely ignored. Especially before a meeting or date, bringing your toothbrush and toothpaste may seem a bit unrealistic. So we came up with a quick and easy solution, T-SPRAY.

What we do

We make cosmetic teeth and oral care solutions at finger’s reach for your daily use. Unlike other oral sprays that contain alcohol and sugar and only freshens breath, we wanted to create something that can help prevent cavities, stains, sensitive teeth, gum disease and much much more, so that’s when T-SPRAY was born. And we made T-SPRAY to be light and portable so you can take it with you everywhere.

Our mission

We are committed to provide all-around oral care solutions, saving your teeth and also saving your time. We do this with T-SPRAY, a revolutionary spray with IPC technology, which can reinforce your teeth and help maintain oral health easily with just a few sprays each day. Whether you are dealing with problems with your teeth or simply too busy to brush, let T-SPRAY defend your teeth in your key moments wherever you are, whenever you need it.

Our Company DNA